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Thanks for stopping by to visit my little space on the web. Hopefully you will find something of interest to you while you are here.

For teachers: Here you will find my blog on technology integration in the classroom with a heavy emphasis on the use of iPads.  This blog will be taking the place of the monthly tech newsletter for several reasons: 1) it is more up-to-date since I can update it at anytime; 2) more thorough and complete because I’m not confined to a template and can add more pictures / videos and all of the old content is searchable; 3) it is more useful to you because I can provide direct links to the items described; and 4) it is more interactive because you, the reader, can add comments to suggest things that I should add to the blog. There is also a page dedicated to useful apps sorted by topic and subject area.  Each app comes with a short description and a link to them in iTunes for your convenience (the link can be found by clicking on the app). Finally, you will also find a page dedicated to all things technology for teachers.  Under the EdTech4u tab at the top you will see 9 things:

  1. Best of Tech – This is the newest addition to the blog series.  As I read my Feedly updates, I will pull out the most useful items that you may want to try in your classroom.  You could consider it a “best of best” series.
  2. Tech Thoughts – Here you will find random ramblings from me about integrating technology in the classroom.
  3. Lessons – This section includes lesson ideas I have found throughout my web wandering.  They could be for any subject using any variety of media.  I’ll tag the posts so you can search them more efficiently.
  4. The Wonderful Web – Here you will find blog posts about useful websites for the classroom.
  5. Blogging – I recently added this section as this topic seems to warrant its own category since it can be quite an extensive topic.  You will find ways to help supercharge your blog and tips for using it in the classroom.
  6. Tips and Tricks – These posts will help you with anything with regard to computer use, iPad use, apps, websites, software or any other item that can make your technology use better and more enjoyable.
  7. Cool Tools – Here you will find those items that you absolutely can’t live without as an educator.
  8. Professional Development – Right now this is an underdeveloped aspect of my blog.  Stay tuned for more updates as I utilize it more.
  9. Gadgets and Gizmos – This blog section is for fun!  My hope is to find and post about technology for both the classroom and your personal life that you might enjoy.

Please be sure you visit the sidebar for widgets such as subscribing to my blog, following me on Twitter, and seeing a list of some of the other outstanding blogs that I follow.  You can also use the search window and tag cloud for quick ways to find the blog posts containing specific topics in which you are interested.

Finally, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions of apps, websites, and technology you find that teachers can use.  With all the edtech out there today and coming out each day, it will take a community effort to keep all of us up-to-date!